A Few Disadvantages Of Having Trees

There are many disadvantages to not having trees on your property. For example, a property that does not have trees can be of less value. Your home will not have a lot of shade, causing your energy bill to go higher. It’s also not going to help you if you are trying to sell your home. As a result of this, many people plant a substantial number of trees. They hope to one day benefit from their appearance, the shade, and the increase in property value that they tend to bring. However, there are a few disadvantages for having trees on your property. Let’s go over some of the problems associated with having trees, especially if you have too many of them.

What Are Some Common Disadvantages Of Having Trees On Your Property?

Some of the most common disadvantages include having less area to actually have a garden, lawn, or even a patio. When people buy homes, they sometimes cut down several of the trees just to open it up so they can see the surrounding countryside. One of the most common complaints is that people are going to have to rake a multitude of leaves, usually for a month, as fall arrives. This is true only of deciduous trees, and if you have fruit trees, you could end up spending several hours a day just picking up fruit that you are never going to eat.

Are These Problems Manageable?

Most of these problems are very manageable. For example, when fall arrives, you can simply hire a company, or perhaps a teenager that is a neighbor to do the work for you at a minimal cost. If you have fruit trees, you can actually sell the fruit that you have at a local gathering in town. You might have a harvest festival that occurs every year, and you could make some money selling your apples, pears, or grapes if you happen to have those as well. In regard to the amount of space that you have, instead of cutting the trees down, you might consider changing the landscape of your property outside to integrate the many different types of trees that you have so that they are not merely in the way.

How An Arborist Can Help You

The reason that an arborist may be able to help you is that they are going to examine your trees. For example, if they notice that a few of them are sick and that at least one or two of them need to be cut down, this could instantly solve your problem. You will want to get rid of sickly trees before they are able to infect healthy ones. Therefore, you are accomplishing to positive things with your decision to cut the bad ones down. An arborist will also help you if you decide to plant nutrients. You may want to balance out your landscape by having new ones put in areas that are relatively barren.

Most people will agree that having trees on your property is more of a benefit and less of a disadvantage. If you have too many trees on your property, this could lead to excessive raking, or you may have too much fruit to eat on your own. That’s why it’s important to have an arborist come out to trim your trees, limiting the number of leaves and fruit that can be produced each year. It can also improve the way that your house looks adjacent to the trees. It really is easy to find positive reasons to keep trees on your property, but you also have to manage the problems or disadvantages that are associated with having an overabundance of trees that you have to manage annually.

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