Things You Should Know About Lawn Care

Have you recently purchased or moved into a house where you are responsible for maintaining the lawn? Are you worried about the upkeep required to keep it looking great throughout the year? If so, there are four things that you should keep in mind to help you along the way.

First of all, you need to learn about the grass and soil that comprise your lawn. In many cases, the soil quality and composition varies throughout the yard. So, you might want to test more than one site when you initially check the pH levels, mineral content and so forth.

The type of grass that you have will influence the schedule you should follow for maintenance. Cool weather grasses have differing needs than warm weather grasses. Even then, the species itself can make a difference in what your lawn needs. For instance, St. Augustine and Bahia are both warm weather grasses, but St. Augustine requires more maintenance.

The second thing that you should know about caring for your lawn is that weeds are never going to leave on their own. Ignoring the problem will only exacerbate the invasion, costing you more time and money down the road. It is best if you have them treated at the start of the season to prevent them from creating a deep root system that will be difficult for you to entirely extract.

Third on the list of vital information is to water correctly. There are several different factors that will impact your watering schedule. Find out if your community has any water restrictions going on. You must adhere to their rules or face stiff penalties. Even if you don’t have these restrictions, you can still conserve water to keep your utility bill down and minimize water waste.

The type of grass and time of year are also going to influence your watering plans. An easy way to handle this part of lawn care is to install a sprinkler system that has a timer you can set to go off every day. There are also other forms of watering that can be set up in a similar manner. Talk to a lawn and landscaping expert to find out which choices are best for your lawn.

You probably don’t realize how little you know about long-term lawn care. The fourth thing you need to know is when to hire a professional. Many lawn and landscaping businesses offer one-time services, as well as contracts. When you create a contract with them, you will pay a certain set fee per month, and the company handles all of your lawn maintenance without you having to call them all of the time. This service works great for you and the lawn care business. You don’t have to worry about lawn care expenses spiking during the summer, and they have a steady income stream during the winter.

Now that you know these four important pieces of information, you should be much more comfortable figuring out what to do with your lawn. Then, you can enjoy looking out of your windows every day!

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